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Is Popcorn Good for Your Teeth?

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Popcorn Can Create Dental Hygiene Issues If You’re Not Careful

Have you ever gotten a popcorn kernel stuck in your throat? It can be really annoying and hard to deal with, but the real damage can come from the hardness of the kernel on your teeth.

Popcorn is a delicious snack, but boy can it wreak havoc on your teeth. Those teeth¬†are precious, and you don’t want to have to worry about dental hygiene and any other dental concerns just because you decided to enjoy a bucket of popcorn during a movie.

That’s why it’s important to learn about the risks of eating popcorn so that you can take the necessary steps to ensure doing so doesn’t cause you any problems.

bowl of popcornWhen is the last time you bit down on a popcorn kernel? You have to watch because those things are rock hard. They can chip a tooth in a split second, causing a dental emergency. Sure, the kernels pop, but there are remnants of them for one thing.

Secondly, there are kernels that didn’t pop that are mixed in, especially near the bottom. Next time you see the bottom of the bag or bucket, you might want to stop digging so that you don’t end up biting down on a kernel.

Then there are those bits and pieces of kernels that end up sticking to your teeth. As a matter of fact, they can hurt! Say you’re eating popcorn, and then next thing you know a kernel fragment lodges in between your teeth and your gums.

If you realize it right away, then you get it out. Yet, how many times have you brushed your teeth that night or the next morning, only to see a piece of a popcorn kernel come out? Almost nothing likes to stick around when it comes to your teeth more than popcorn.

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There are other foods and other habits that dentists and medical professionals warn people about. Popcorn certain falls into this group, along with eating ice, biting fingernails and more. Now, that does that mean you need to stop eating popcorn? As mentioned, no, you can still enjoy your favorite movie snack.

If you were to sit down with your dentist, he or she would tell you that there are many times that dental patients make an appointment for a problem based on eating popcorn. It happens for sure, more than you might even think, and you do not want to be the next person making an appointment. It can happen, though, even if you consider yourself to be cautious.

The back teeth are especially prone to popcorn kernels and husk fragments. Naturally, it can be more difficult to get in there and get the husk particle out of your teeth if it’s hard to see and hard to reach.

Sometimes those things are dug in so good that an abscess can occur. This is often when people end up having to make a dental appointment. If you have trouble you should read our post about popcorn stuck in your gums.

One thing you can do is to think about all of this when eating popcorn. Don’t give yourself a headache, as you want to enjoy your treat. However, get in the habit of not biting down so fast when you’re eating popcorn.

That way, if you do encounter a kernel, you’re most likely going to be fine. Plus, you will be eating more slowly, which means you have less chance of those husks deciding to just randomly stick to your teeth and cause you problems.