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How to Remove a Popcorn Kernel Stuck in Your Gums

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The Definitive Solution

If you’re like us, you love to chow down on a lot of popcorn. We pile on the movie theater style butter and crash on the couch watching our favorite Netflix series.

But for anyone that eats a lot of popcorn, one problem arises that can pose certain health risks if it is not treated right away – getting a popcorn kernel stuck in your gums!

This happens all the time and is very common for most people. In many cases, a simple glass of water can help flush the kernel out from where it was lodged. In other cases, it seems impossible to remove it and it can spend days inside your gum line causing irritation, discomfort, and other long term issues.

You dentist will surely tell you that leaving a piece of kernel stuck in your gums for too long can cause something known as “popcorn gingivitis” which is directly caused by the food stuck in your mouth.

This was happening to us so often that we decided to test out as many potential solutions to the problem as possible in order to bring you our best recommendations for treating this issue!


Prepare Yourself with These Top Rated Products


GUM Stimulator with 6 Replacement Tips



This GUM stimulator with six replacement tips is probably the best solution at the absolute best price. It’s very effective at getting to the hard to reach spots and it comes with backup tips that should last you quite a long time. We found that having one of these handy allows you to just hop into the bathroom, dig that popcorn kernel out, and get on with your day. This is better than a conventional flossing option as it allows you to pinpoint the area of your gums where the popcorn is stuck. Highly recommended as a solution to the problem.

GUM Soft Picks




GUM Soft-picks are another great option to help you deal with this problem quickly. They are easy to carry on the go and you can keep them in the bathroom for when you need to address your kernel situation. This is a great value pack where you can essentially buy a year’s supply at a good price. If you travel a lot these also function as a quick way to floss on the go. Highly recommended especially if you have a large family that loves to eat popcorn!

Floss-Pick Combo



This little item is probably our second favorite pick due to its effectiveness and ease of use. It is also very versatile because it gives you the option to floss your teeth while also providing a small pick end that can be used to dig out pieces of popcorn that are lodged deep in your gum line. These can be used once or twice before discarding them as you get ninety per bag. Another great idea for the family that loves to eat a lot of popcorn, this is a great way to add the perfect solution to your bathroom cabinet so you can grab them as needed and go about your day. They also are very portable and can be taken to work to use for those times when salad or other food gets stuck in your teeth.

Water Flosser

water flosser


If you are feeling a little adventurous and you want to add some firepower to your dental routine, it might be time to invest in some seriously good products that can help take care of popcorn problems as well as other issues with your hygiene. For those of you that don’t like traditional floss or that don’t like poking yourself with picks, this great cordless item allows you to essentially power wash your gum line to help remove anything that might be stuck inside those hard to reach cracks. You can spray water around just like a dentist and blast our unwanted particles that are causing irritation to your gums. This product is great for all around dental hygiene and is highly recommended by our team.

Electronic Toothbrush

oral b electronic tooth brush


For those of you that still use a standard toothbrush, we will just say this. You are living in the stone age. Once you switch to an electronic toothbrush you will never go back. These used to be somewhat expensive but have recently become much more affordable. If you have anything at all stuck in your gum, this will be an immense help while also providing a deep clean that helps your enamel and other aspects of the tooth itself. It feels like a belt sander ripping away plaque and other nastiness from your mouth! Once we switched over to this product we have yet to ever go back to a traditional toothbrush. Pair this with flossing and you should have no dental hygiene issues for the foreseeable future so long as you eat right!

We hope you enjoyed this breakdown of the products we use to combat popcorn hulls that have become stuck in our teeth. This is a very common issue for people that love to eat a lot of popcorn so you should not be worried if this is happening to you very frequently.

As always, talk to your dentist if you are feeling any pain or discomfort as a result of eating too much corn. At the end of the day he or she will give you the best advice on how to treat the problem as well as what products to use. We have personally tried each one of the products found on this page and stand by them as a solution to removing kernels and hulls under the gum.

Next time you go to the movie theater and order the extra large bucket of popcorn, be prepared with some floss picks in your purse or wallet to help dig it out right away. You don’t want to leave it in there for too long or you can risk getting gingivitis or other dental issues that can cause bigger problems than sore gums!

And of course, we recommend extra butter!

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